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The baby’s cry, older kids playing hide and seek, the radio volume through the roof! Your imagination isn’t running into space, not at all, the setting most likely describes the situation most of us found ourselves in when we were at the height of lock down, working from home. Time may have passed, but working from home has come to stay with us, comfortably seated and legs crossed. As more of us work from home, we are finding ways to optimize the home work space. Come with me lets share a few tips.

Bring the outdoors in

One study found bringing plants into the workplace boosted overall productivity by 15%, while an analysis of 10 different studies showed that greenery consistently had a positive impact on mood.

So, go ahead and bring the outdoors inside by adding some greenery to your home office. Invest in a few potted plants to counter the effects of stress related work. Having live plants is not only good for home air quality, but it also has an overall calming effect. Adding plants to your workspace is proven to reduce stress and boost productivity:

Set up utility desks

The toll sitting long hours have on our bodies are greatly underestimated, from back and spinal issues and backside complications, health specialist advise taking breaks from sitting. According to experts, periodically standing up while you work can help you feel more energized and productive. Find a utility desk that offers you a chance to alternate between sitting and standing, indeed go ahead and set a timer for every 30 to 45 minutes, so when it goes off, you can take a quick break, and that’s a great chance to switch from sitting to standing.”

Create a Non-Work Space in your Workspace

No, this not contradictory at all, rather it is complementary. Creating a comfortable spot within your work space for reading, relaxation makes a huge difference in managing mental health and taking a more mindful approach to the workday. This approach encourages you to take breaks throughout the day and as a prop, to both slowly start the workday and wind down at the end.

Silence is Golden

Is it though? Generally, most people like dead silence to have total concentration and be productive at work related tasks. In setting up your home office, do take this dynamic into consideration, even if you a noise “thriver” i.e if you need some noise or music to function at your optimum best. With several meetings now online, you will rather have the option of a silent environment so you aren’t watching the mute button the entire meeting. So, if you can, set up as far as away from kids’ room or family area, far away from front door or doorbell etc.

Let there be light

Being exposed to some amount of light or sunlight specifically has been proven to be a mood lifter. So, in choosing a spot at home to set up your office, do make sure you choose a portion of your house that has exposure to light. Light here refers more to natural light than bulbs, as being under bulbs for a long stretch of time is also unhealthy.

If you are concerned about privacy, you can employ tinted glass windows or panels and have the blinds up. Once the blinds are up, sunlight can still pass through, which will even feed the room plants. It’s a win-win.

Now shall we set up?

The writer is the Executive director of Yecham Property Consult

& Founder of Ghana Green Building Summit.


LinkedIn: Cyril Nii Ayitey Tetteh


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