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Service Request Forms

1. Service Request

Thank you for choosing Yecham Property Consult. We can assist you as follows:

1. Brokerage (Buy, Sell, Lease & Rent Properties)
2. Project Management
3. Marketing Communications
4. Sustainability Consulting & Certification

To be able to tailor a specific solution to your request and provide a delightful service, we will require you to spare a few minutes to fill the form below.

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1. Are you applying as an Individual or a Corporate
9. Choose a Service Package

An quote will be forwarded after full assessment of the service required for further discussion.

Should you require more info, call Selasi on: +233553677741 or email:

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2. Tailored Homes

Prospective home owners usually find that there is a gap between their savings and property market prices and so are unable to either make a cash purchase or secure a mortgage.

Yecham Property Consult has designed a unique home purchase service, Tailored Homes, to bridge this gap between demand and supply of housing stock in Ghana.

With this new service, we will guide and involve our clients, right from conception of design to completion and inspection or assist you to purchase a fully completed property of your choice.. We call this process "sewing a home" to match your taste, income or budget. We will also facilitate your mortgage application process if required.

Start the process of measuring tailor and sewing your new home by filling the form below.

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5. Type of Housing Preferred
8. Would you consider mortgage financing (and which type)
10. How urgent is this request?

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